Uncovered Tales
I am interested in a world of modern, yet timeless fantasy; folk tales with a dark side, stories with consequential morals. I've held onto the memories of books my parents read to me as a child, and I can still relive the sense of fear and excitement that I get from hearing them. My work is typically fashion-and-editorial based. Shooting digitally in color, I am drawn to the textures and layers I find in nature, and apply them to my props and backgrounds. I photograph models in full hair, makeup, and wardrobe to execute a particular narrative or stylistic vision. To me, being able to construct characters and transform them and their environment is an interesting way to create a fantasy of my own. In a style similar to my editorial work, I have focused on "The Grimm's Fairy Tales", a book collection first published in 1812 by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, and "Der Struwwelpeter" - an 1845 German children’s book by Heinrich Hoffman. In illustrating these tales not often told to this generation, I have had an opportunity to revisit nostalgic feelings from my childhood and connect them to the present by reinterpreting them.
BLURBredridinghood.jpg diamondsandtoads_ec.jpg DSC_0077_ec.jpg bearsskin_e.jpg DSC_0097_ec.jpg BLURBcover.jpg BLURBpeter.jpg DSC_0558_ec.jpg DSC_0151-2_ec.jpg DSC_0044_ec.jpg BLURBredridinghood2.jpg BLURBagustus.jpg
starmoney_ec.jpg DSC_0209_ec.jpg DSC_0036_ec.jpg DSC_0427_ec.jpg DSC_0070_ec.jpg DSC_0354_ec.jpg DSC_0239_ec.jpg BLURBharriet.jpg bearskin_ec.jpg rabbitsbride_ec.jpg BLURBhunter.jpg
BLURBthumbsucker.jpg DSC_0048_ec.jpg DSC_0029_ec.jpg sevenravens_ec.jpg DSC_0098_ec.jpg wilfulchild_ec.jpg DSC_0233-2_ec.jpg DSC_0241_ec.jpg leanlisa_ec.jpg BLURBflying.jpg BigBadWolf_ec.jpg
BLURBredridinghood.jpg starmoney_ec.jpg BLURBthumbsucker.jpg diamondsandtoads_ec.jpg DSC_0209_ec.jpg DSC_0048_ec.jpg DSC_0077_ec.jpg DSC_0036_ec.jpg DSC_0029_ec.jpg bearsskin_e.jpg DSC_0427_ec.jpg sevenravens_ec.jpg DSC_0097_ec.jpg DSC_0070_ec.jpg DSC_0098_ec.jpg BLURBcover.jpg DSC_0354_ec.jpg wilfulchild_ec.jpg BLURBpeter.jpg DSC_0239_ec.jpg DSC_0233-2_ec.jpg DSC_0558_ec.jpg BLURBharriet.jpg DSC_0241_ec.jpg DSC_0151-2_ec.jpg bearskin_ec.jpg leanlisa_ec.jpg DSC_0044_ec.jpg rabbitsbride_ec.jpg BLURBflying.jpg BLURBredridinghood2.jpg BLURBhunter.jpg BigBadWolf_ec.jpg BLURBagustus.jpg